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English translation

==================== English translation ====================

ICT-Jig , a computer software application , helps anyone around the world communicate in a single universal language.

ICT-Jig is a computer software application that creates homepages (HP) specifically designed to meet the special needs of the disabled and the elderly.

What makes ICT-Jig different from other softwares is it’s simplicity.
When logging in , instead of a password you can choose a combination of pictures. Also , creating and designing could not get any easier with all the simple to use menus and options.

One example of ICT-Jig’s simplicity is it’s easy to use 1,2,3 step menu and it’s color coordinated buttons.
For instance, the blue buttons means go and the red buttons means stop.
That’s how easy and simple it is to create a HP with ICT-Jig.

I supervised this HP, Watanabe Metal and manufacturing Company, which was created by 4 disabled people with no prior special training.
That is ICT-Jig’s strength, no technical knowledge is necessary to make a “ Create Homepage “.

A good point of ICT-Jig is it breaks down the work into parts.
This style complements to people’s strong points, whether it being writing or designing, as well as it helps to maintain a Homepage of high quality.
Furthermore, with Internet access people from other countries can now work together more conveniently.

Many people with disabilities can create a homepage with detail and precision , that makes a big difference to them .

People with different skills and talents collaborate with others to produce innovative projects.
That creates “popularity”.
One example , to create a magazine many people are needed:
a cameraman, a writer ,a designer , as well as others. However, it is this collaboration that “gives birth” to new and interesting things which
influence many. I believe that ICT-Jig has the same potential.

However , there company was located near us so I could frequently contact and meet with them. I was especially impressed with their at-home atmosphere.
I finally decided to go with them and I haven’t been more satisfied .

Danway corporation help the disabled reach their “True Potential” by giving them the skills and techniques necessary to survive in their environment as well as instill self-dependence and self-confidence.
In the past couple of years , many countries including Japan have struggled to keep its economies strong and growing.
Which leads us to the dilemma, “ how can the disabled be helped as well as help themselves?”
The solutions is ICT-Jig, a software created by our company to help the disabled create websites, paper advertisements and other necessary communicational tools.
In Japan , many small to medium-sized businesses have very good quality
products and services .However , they lack the resources and communication skills necessary to stay competitive in Japan and worldwide.
We want to support these wonderful companies in Japan , especially in my city Kawasaki. By achieving this , we can help the disabled and make our communities more sustainable for the future.
That’s why we at Danway believe in helping the disabled reach their “True Potential“ by making the most of their individual unique and special abilities.